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white water rafting in tennessee

Pigeon Forge’s White Water Rafting Solution

White water rafting in Pigeon Forge combines the thrill of a guided rafting trip with the majestic beauty of the Smoky Mountains. Parts of the trip are calmer, allowing rafters to take in the scenery and catch a breather between faster spots, picking up local history and anecdotes along the way from the rafting guide. The best part: it’s fun for rafters of all experience levels and ages. Perfect for family trips!

A brief history of white water rafting

The concept of white water rafting was created in the 1840s by Lt. John Fremont and inventor Horace Day. Lt. Fremont wanted to survey the Rocky Mountains, and realized it’d be faster and easier to traverse them by water than having to climb around. They made their first voyage in 1842, and the idea kind of stuck thereafter for locals and travelers alike. That first raft may have gotten the job done with its four pieces of rubber cloth tubes held together by a wraparound floor, but modern rafts are significantly sturdier and easier to control.

Duckies are a great way to experience the Upper Pigeon River

You’ll always be prepared for white water rafting with us

Big Bear Rafting is dedicated to the best people and systems, which we believe creates the most memorable experience for rafters. Each guest is treated as a member of our team, and we work together to have a great time and exceed guests’ expectations. With bathrooms, showers, changing rooms, and footwear for sale, Big Bear Rafting has everything your group needs to enjoy a day like no other.

Transportation to the water entry points is provided. This gives Big Bear Rafting staff a chance to get to know the group a bit and get everyone ready to raft. Because you’ll be rafting on rough waters, you’re going to get wet. Wear clothes that are still comfortable when wet (i.e. loose fitting clothes aren’t a good idea). Loose footwear isn’t allowed for safety reasons. If you need secure footwear for rafting, you can browse our store for raft-ready footwear.

If you’re planning a white water rafting trip, check out our rafting dates and reserve your guided rafting tour today!

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